Temperatures are reaching record highs across the country and it’s not even August yet. With this heat, shelter from the sun and hydration is essential, as it’s leaving aside the heavy and hot dishes, and betting on fresh and light dishes.

If the heat has left you without ideas, don’t worry: here are the Semon team to give you some of fresh dishes for the summer and a few tips to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

fresh dishes

Gazpacho and salmorejo, the star dishes

If there is one Spanish dish that reminds us of summer and that most of the population likes, it is these two. Like many of the dishes of this country, gazpacho has very humble origins: in the 16th century, in Andalusia, day laborers used the dried bread from previous days to soak it in a mixture of tomato, water, garlic, oil and pepper. The gazpacho recipe has evolved over time, making versions with cherries, watermelon, avocado… like the ones you can find in our store!

This food, which many take as a drink depending on how liquid it is, is usually taken fresh from the fridge. Is there any dish more refreshing than this one for summer? Maybe salmorejo, which is very similar to gazpacho, although creamier and often accompanied by other ingredients such as pieces of Iberian ham or egg.

Russian salad, known worldwide

Another of the fresh dishes that cannot be missing in your summer menu is the Russian salad: and not only in Spain, but all over the world. In fact, it has its origins in England, although it is also said that it may have originated in Moscow. Be that as it may, the truth is that it is one of the most common tapas that we serve on our terrace. And not only the classic one that we elaborate daily, but also our own version that we have baptized as “Ensaladilla Sant Gregori” made with prawns.

Normally, it is usually accompanied with peppers, white asparagus or olives, but what does not change is that it is always served cold. A curiosity? During Franco’s regime the name of this dish was changed from “ensaladilla rusa” to “ensaladilla imperial“.

fresh dishes

Cold fruit and vegetable creams, indispensable fresh dishes

If there is something you can’t miss during the summer, it’s fruit and vegetable creams. Not only they are fresh, quick and easy to eat, but they are also very healthy and full of vitamins that our body needs. And did we mention that they are delicious? The favorite of the season is, without a doubt, the melon and coconut cream with lime and fresh cheese. You can have it at any time, as a starter or even as a drink. The combination is delicious.

And because at Semon we want to make things easy for you, we prepare them daily for you and the rest of our customers in our bakery. In addition, every weekend we launch new nutritious and, above all, very refreshing options. You will find them available every day in our gourmet store in Barcelona, they are delicious!

5 tips to prepare fresh summer dishes

We think these 3 summery dishes have already given you an idea of what to consider when planning your menus. But we bring you a short list with 5 tips to prepare fresh dishes during the following weeks:

  1. Fruits and vegetables will be your best allies: take advantage of seasonal fruits such as peaches and apricots and incorporate them into your salads.
  2. We love salads! Prepare a base of pasta or legumes and add your favorite ingredients… ¡you won’t want to eat anything else! The result? Delicious and healthy.
  3. Prepare the dishes in advance, put them in glass jars and let them rest in the refrigerator so that they can be served cold and are really fresh dishes.
  4. Avoid large quantities to not feel too heavy: in summer, less is more.
  5. Try to use the stove as little as possible: it is already hot enough outside.
fresh dishes

Fresh dishes at Semon

And by fresh dishes we also mean that the further away from the stove, the better. Cooking these days becomes an almost impossible task… or rather, not very pleasant. So why not take the opportunity to try the wonders we have in Semon this summer? Whether for lunch or dinner, at L’Indret you’ll not only be sheltered from the heat, but you’ll be with your family enjoying delicious fresh dishes.

If you prefer to stay at home and get some takeaway food, read this carefully: every week we elaborate a series of new proposals that we send every Thursday to our most loyal customers. If you also want to know what fresh dishes you can find in our buffet, in addition to the usual ones, don’t forget to subscribe!

What are you waiting for to enjoy the freshest and most appetizing dishes of the summer? You already know where to find us!

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