The good weather is here and it’s here to stay. It’s time for linen shirts, flowing dresses, traditional espadrilles and, above all, to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. And, why not, go on a picnic.

In Spain we are privileged: we have impressive mountains, beautiful meadows, paradisiacal beaches and long rivers in which to spend the day. That’s why at Semon we encourage picnics: take a basket and get a tablecloth, plates and cutlery and, most importantly, a good feast that both young and old will enjoy. For the latter you can trust us, since we have everything you need for your picnic wherever it is.

Plan a picnic

What to consider when planning a picnic

There are several things to keep in mind when having a picnic. If you are one of those who have never had one, don’t worry because here we tell you everything you need to know to organize one.

The picnic guests

The first step when organizing a picnic, or any party for that matter, is to think who you are going to invite. Are you going with your children or young nieces and nephews? Is it more of a birthday party with friends? Or is it a big celebration? This will change not only the amount of food you’re bringing, but also the type of food. We’ll talk about this later.

It is also important to consider if your guests have any allergies. If it is a rather small event, you can ask them directly, but if it is something bigger, we recommend you to make an online form for them to confirm their attendance to the picnic and also if they have any allergies or intolerances. In addition, you can also add some details such as the place, date and time.


Lo más importante: la comida

Food brings us together and, in our culture, this is very important. And in an activity like this, it was not going to be less. We recommend you to prepare a good picnic basket with our help: remember that we make tailor-made packs, and just with a call or an email explaining what you are going to do, we can prepare a fully customized pack with everything you need for each occasion. Or you can get one of the 4 that we have already prepared and that you will love: you will find them in our online store.

For example, if it is a picnic with friends as we talked about before, we will include a cheese board with a selection of the best we have to combine with different natural jams, some charcuterie, and a good bottle of red wine. If it is a picnic with children, an Italian pasta salad is an ideal option, and surely there will be no shortage of cookies and sweets to please the little ones.

Salmon, whether smoked, natural or marinated, is also a very popular option, because it is fresh, healthy and delicious. We always serve it with Echiré butter in sesame spreads, next to the same spreads with green olive tartinade: a wonderful combination.


Where to do a picnic

There are plenty of places where you can have a picnic, both within the cities and outside. Before choosing it, remember to think about the kind of guests you are going to have, to calculate the space and make it comfortable for everyone.

This location will also determine what to bring. If it is at the beach, in the sun, we recommend that you bring fruit and fresh courses, all well stored in a cooler so that it is at the best temperature. Also, depending on the time of day, it is best to take an umbrella so you can digest your food in the shade.

If it is a picnic in the countryside, remember to take a good tablecloth or some old sheets where you can stretch out so as not to sit directly on the grass (we know how hard it is to get these spots out!). Choose the shade of a tree where you can settle everything and not get direct sunlight. And if you have many guests, it is not a bad idea to bring some folding tables so you can put all the food on them.

The perfect picnic

Whatever type of picnic it is, we are sure that your picnic will be a success. Don’t forget to contact us for food and drinks: you will leave all your guests delighted!

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