Going back to routine after the vacations can be heavy, exhausting, stressful… in a word: difficult. But it’s already mid-September, so there’s no excuse for not accepting that the famous rentrée has arrived. It’s time to get back to the good habits you’ve been cultivating throughout the year but that, perhaps, you’ve put aside during the summer vacations.

back to routine

Planning is key to go back to routine

Surely you have already returned from vacation and you have found several “fires” that you have to put out, emails to answer, calls to return … this can generate a lot of stress and the “I have no time for anything”. But there is. And besides, there are things (not all) that you can delegate or postpone.

End the day by reviewing your agenda for the next day to see what meetings, classes and/or activities you have and which are the most pressing pending tasks. This way you can decide if it’s better to go into work earlier, do it from home, go to the gym in the afternoon, take a yoga session in the morning, or even if you’d better do your grocery shopping online or order takeout. The more advance notice and planning, the more time you’ll have for the other things: we promise!

Your physical and mental health is the most important

Prioritize yourself! Find time for the things you love, that make you happy and release endorphins. Whether it’s reading, sewing, taking care of plants or an urban garden, going for a run, taking dance classes, meeting up with lifelong friends or new ones… whatever it is that you love to do.

Getting back to routine doesn’t mean you go back to work, classes and responsibilities and that’s it; it means getting back into good habits. And if you didn’t have them before, build them now: it’s never too late for that! If you are physically and mentally well, everyone around you notices it, and so do you: you are happier, more energetic, more positive, more productive… everyone wins, but especially you.

back to routine

Back to routine, and to menus

Although in August we published an article in which we talked about how to plan the summer menu at home, we know that between trips, getaways, dinners out, mornings at the beach, mountain excursions… It has been complicated to carry it out. And in September we drag the consequences: we hardly remember how to do the weekly shopping and decide the daily menu to eat healthy!

This rentrée or return to routine is a bit like this: to enjoy food again but in an orderly way; to put on paper a menu that makes sense and leaves you satisfied, but in a healthy way. And at Semon we can help you do this, since contributing to this lifestyle is implicit in our values. For that reason, at Semon we put all our effort into selecting products without preservatives, additives, stabilizers… Because even if this means more time and less profit, it is what we believe in. And when we see customer satisfaction and the result of our dishes, we know that the effort is worth it.

Put yourself goals and resolutions

Don’t wait until January: start now to set the goals you want to achieve in these little more than 3 months left before the end of the year. September starts the school year and, therefore, there are many people who see it as the beginning of the year. And, as such, it is time to think about what you want to achieve before the Christmas vacations.  

Remember that your goals must beSMART: Specific, Measurable, Atteinable, Realistic and Time-bound. Why? Because otherwise it will be impossible to achieve them and the only thing you will get is frustration. For example: if your goal is to eat more legumes and start by introducing them in your diet 4 times a week, but it turns out that you have never had a routine of eating them more than once a week … why not starting by incorporating them 2 times a week and the goal is to increase every month or month and a half until you get these 4 days? This way, it will be more bearable.

But even more important than this: these goals and resolutions must be yours, they must mean something to you. Otherwise, no matter how much you say out loud “I want to do it”, you will hardly be able to carry them out, because your mind will not see the value in them and will not “collaborate” to achieve them.

back to routine

Back to routine at Semon

At Semon we have also returned to the routine, to our workshop, to our store… We are applying all these tips and devising dishes and menus designed for you, in which we will be incorporating the products that await us next fall: Potimarron pumpkin, seasonal mushrooms, sweet potatoes, etc.

Remember that every Thursday you can receive by mail all the new dishes that we incorporate in our buffet during the weekend, just by subscribing to our newsletter. Is there a better way to get back to the routine? We are waiting for you!

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