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Welcome to the extraordinary world of tea in Semon, where excellence is found in every cup. Immerse yourself in the tradition and legacy of Mariage Frères from Paris, a revered brand known for its exceptional teas and infusions that have delighted palates around the globe.

In Semon, we take pride in partnering with suppliers who share our values of quality and excellence, and Mariage Frères embodies these ideals. With a rich history and global presence, Mariage Frères continues to spread the French Art of Tea through its numerous stores and tearooms.

The most beautiful tea gardens are reserved for Mariage Frères, and many teas are conceived and crafted “à la carte” exclusively for the Maison. Nearly all teas offered now bear the Jardin Premier seal, a guarantee of the purest quality.

Each creation is inspired by a spirit of discovery and innovation, composing a menu of unparalleled richness, unique in the world. Discover a variety of flavors and aromas that will transport you on an unparalleled sensory journey.

In Semon, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to experience the excellence and authenticity that only Mariage Frères can provide. Welcome to an unparalleled tea experience!

Monas de Pascua Semon
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