A tribute to cheese


A tribute to cheese is an ode to the cheese tradition. In it you will find a selection of artisan cheeses and an assortment of bread, nuts and jams that will accompany and exalt its flavour, turning this pack into a gift for the senses. Contains:

  • Semi-cured artisan Manchego of 1 kg
  • Organic goat’s cheese
  • Reggiano DOP parmesan wedge
  • Reblochon from Savoie piece
  • Semon’s figue jam
  • Semon’s red pepper jam
  • Toasts with raisins
  • Mini lingue Toscana
  • Sultan raisins (150 g)
  • Walnuts (70 g)

We dive into the world of artisan cheese with this hamper. Starting with a cheese from our land: an artisan Manchego made in Ciudad Real. Its producers are artisans who have made their cheeses since 1880 from the milk of the sheep from their own herd. We continue with an ecological and sustainable goat cheese made in a village few kilometros from La Pobla de Segur, in a privileged high mountain village. We travel to Italy through the palate with an 18-month curing process of Reggiano DOP parmesan and we savor France through a succulent reblochon de Savoie made with raw milk. The perfect companion for this gastronomic journey is an assortment of bread and toasts, nuts and two jams that combine perfectly with the flavour of cheeses: our artisan fig jam, made only with seasonal figs and our red pepper jam. In short, a feast for the senses!

A tribute to cheese hamper belongs to a selection of gifts that we have designed especially for you; since we know that Christmas is a time of great work for everyone and we want the process of choosing the details for those special people to whom we want to show our gratitude and affection, to be as efficient and fast as possible.

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Additional information


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