¡Welcome baby! gift box


They say that babies come with bread under their arms… but why not come with a ¡Welcome baby! gift box to the world? This box is all that the parents need to celebrate the arrival of the newborn! Contains:

  • Champagne André Clouet Gran Réserve
  • Semon’s blueberry plumcake
  • Semon’s financier box (6 u)
  • White asparagus from Lodosa (8 fruits)
  • Galician cream cookies (250 g)
  • Artisan neulas
  • Semon’s Olive Oil Argudell
  • Northern-Bonito tuna belly in olive oil
  • Semon’s sun-dried tomato
  • Semon’s Artisan jam
  • Semon’s chocolate truffle nougat
  • Iberian acorn-fed shoulder ham (80 g)

In the ¡Welcome baby! gift box you will find everything you need to celebrate the arrival of the baby: starting with a bottle of champagne to toast, thin slices of Iberian acorn-fed shoulder ham that the mom will surely enjoy with taste…, very thick white asparagus that with a Semon’s olive oil jet, an ideal can of tuna from the north and some sun-dried tomatoes. To finish with something sweet, our delicious artisan chocolate truffle nougat and some neulas. And as we know that the nights are usually long, a handmade blueberry plumcake, a Semon’s financier box and a jam to start the day with a lot of energy!

This box belongs to a selection of gifts that we have designed especially for you; since we know that Christmas is a time of great work for everyone and we want the process of choosing the details for those special people to whom we want to show our gratitude and affection, to be as efficient and fast as possible.

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Additional information


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