Spaghetti — Wheat germ


Spaghetti made with Tuscan semolina wheat, produced in an artisan way, bronze-drawn and dried at low temperature.

The wheat germ is the core of the wheat kernel, rich in flavor and nutritional active principles. The germ is normally removed during the milling of the grain to facilitate the preservation of the flours. The Morelli pasta factory, using artisan techniques, manages to include it again because it works it fresh immediately.

During cooking, an intense wheat fragrance is released and the water turns slightly green, precisely because of the presence of the fresh wheat germ.

The cooking time is only 8 minutes, they are porous, consistent and tasty. They are ideal to combine with light sauces based on fish and/or vegetables.

Información Adicional

Additional information


500 g

Cooking time

8 minutes

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Entrega en 24 h

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