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The Semon gourmet shop in Barcelona has its beginnings in the local store, La Selecta, the meat shop owned by María Vidal‘s family. Although the actual delicatessen shop has nothing to do with this 60s store, it’s undeniable their relationship.The proximity with the clients, the high-quality products… are characteristics of both businesses. Moreover, without Maria’s experience in their family store, Semon would have never become what is today.

One of the main Semon values is to embrace traditions, the past… However, we live the present with our mind in the future, to keep offering the best products.

Semon, the Gourmet Shop of Barcelona

Semon is considered as one of the best gourmet shops in Barcelona. There, our clients can find the best selection of delicatessen products, both international and local. For example, a wide range of tinned food from the vegetable patch of Navarra and Tudela. Also, from the north of Spain, specifically from Cantabric Sea, we receive seafood and tuna, between other amazing fishes. But Semon also travels to the Middle East, so our clients can enjoy the most excellent fresh caviar with a superior quality, at the best market price.

Between the selection in the gourmet shop, there’s also space for spices and condiments: salt flower, wine and balsamic vinegars or exceptional olive oils from every region of Spain. They bring the dishes to another level, giving both traditional savors and totally innovative ones.

Semon Tienda Gourmet
Pastelería Semon
Semon Gourmet Barcelona

A gourmet shop with specialist butchers

Origins define us. At Semon we have always wager for lactic and pork butchers, because they are part of the Mediterranean diet: a healthy and rich one. That’s why, th gourmet shop has a wide selection of cheeses, produced in different European countries. In each of them there are different producers that have been working with Semon for years, always looking after quality instead of quantity. That’s why they offer their amazing cheese at its best moment.

Pork butchers has always been part of our society, of our traditions. Therefore, it has a special place in this Gourmet shop in Barcelona. We have the best Iberic reserve natural jams as well as chorizo and Iberic loin hanging from the ceiling. And from all around Spain, we get high-quality products: artisan catalan sausiges coming from Vilafranca; homemade chorizo, from Leon, the sobrasada, from Mallorca; the fuets, salsichón and longanizas, from Vic.

An infinite bodega

Good food must be enjoyed with good drinks. And that’s something we perfectly understand at Semon. Therefore, besides our gourmet products, our clients will also find a complete wine and liquor bodega that is frequently updated. Moreover, Semon’s staff is always available to choose the best drink for all occasions and tastes.

The highlight of our bodega is our champagne and cava offer. But we also have a wide selection of national wines from La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Priorat, Toro and Montsant, as well as French wines. Regarding the liquors, our Semon gourmet store has the best selection of cognac, brandy, armagnacs, malt whisky, gins, moonshines, distils and other liquors.

Dessert for the sweet touch

A good dinner or lunch needs good drinks, but also the perfect dessert. In the Semon’s gourmet shop, our clients find all kinds of sweets, always taking into account seasonality. Therefore, in winter we offer polvorones and turrones, and during Easter we show the creations of our amazing bakery: the monas de Pascua.

Following the sweet selection, we highlight the national delicacies such as the Muscovites, as well as artisanal French cookies without preservatives. And to enjoy these sweets even better, we have the best teas (Mariage Frères), infussions and coffees.

In our gourmet store our clients will be delighted with an exquisite selection of desserts made from the best raw materials, reducing the sugar to make them healthier. Plus, Semon gets ready for each of the festivities and offers traditional sweets such as turrones, monas de Pascua or the Saint John’s cake.

Dessert buffet
Carrot cake
Semon's pastry assortment

Semon’s products

Semon has its own line of products made specially for us, such as the marmalades, elaborated with local products for our artisans. These are made one by one with natural fruits, some of them not really well-known i the market, such as the Albaricoque Rosé from Provence. Perfect to take it during breakfast, as a snack, with cheeses or even with meats.

Since the town of Saint-Server, at the Frech Landes, we get the truffled goose foie and the canning micuit, specially made for us. Our supplier is a family business that has been producing excellent products for four generations in a very traditional way. They work with local duck farms with the Label Rouge certification. It warranties the well-being of the animal, natural feeding, being outdoors… that’s how they can select strictly the best local raw material to offer tasty products for a unique gustatory experience. Moreover, the values match perfectly with ours: excellence, authenticity and pleasure.

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From pasta to wine, going through cheese, sauses, prepared meals and our delicious bakery. In our gourmet online store you’rll find everything you need to bill your pantry and enjoy a good meal. Let yourself be conquered by our wide selection of delicatessen products!

Shop now in our online store

Semon online store
From pasta to wine, going through cheese, sauses, prepared meals and our delicious bakery. In our gourmet online store you’rll find everything you need to bill your pantry and enjoy a good meal. Let yourself be conquered by our wide selection of delicatessen products!
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